The start of a new series: Fill Me In

There had been the idea of a series about musicians and their tattoos in my head for a long time, but it was only a while back when I told my best friend about it and he encouraged me to go ahead and really do it. So I got everything started, planned (kind of) and asked some band members I had found if they were interested. The response was pretty good, everyone liked the idea. So within no time, I set three dates in two weeks and drove more than 1000km already. The first two episodes were back-to-back shootings (friday and saturday) and I started the search for footage for the first episode on sunday already – there’s no time to waste nowadays!
If you start something like this it’s always dangerous, because the person you’re working with doesn’t know what you’re going to work out in the end. Most people probably expected something in a Miami Ink way, but that’s exactly what I want to avoid.
So I was glad that for the first episode I got Tom Belz – drummer for The Green River Burial – because I could see from the beginning he understood where I wanted to go and supported it all the way.

Since time-management is a bit tricky with my job, it’s coming home from work at 7p.m. and start working on my other projects like Fill Me In (and other stuff, I’ll talk about it in my next blog). Nothing too dramatic, sure, but I always feel the need for more time in the evening, to get more into it. But nevertheless, a week after shooting the first episode it was done and approved by Tom, so on Thursday we released it to the world. I didn’t really release what the Fill Me In series would be about in advance on purpose, because I wanted to let the first episode speak for itself. And I’m really pleased with the outcome! More than 2000 views within the first 24 hours, that’s really a lot for me and more than I expected. The feedback is amazing and the whole thing got some attention already – especially in the music scene.

[vid id=“Ze_HPHMRC8Y“ site=“youtube“]

After I was done with the first episode I took the time and finished another project that had to wait for the last two weeks. A little summer adventure video I took in early August with some friends (amazing people really!) – nothing too special, but I really like the outcome a lot. Further more, I have just finished the second episode of Fill Me In, but more on that later (I had this post in draft for so long that the episode is released by now… take a look below!). If you’re interested in the series, you can subscribe to my YoutubeChannel that I created for the series. I feel like since this is something more regular and hopefully something for the mass-market, Youtube is the better place for it, rather than Vimeo.

Of course there’s some artistical thought behind the Fill Me In series, and I want to follow a specific pattern in every episode. The set-up will always be kind of the same, I will work with 2 Arri 800W lights (and if there’s the need for it, I got a third one on the set). I’m by far no chief lighting technician, but I’ve already learned a lot about the right way to set up the lights. At the moment I’m using a microphone from work, but it’s not really the best solution. So when I have a few bucks left, I’ll propably invest them in a good mic.
If you’re interested in getting the most recent pictures, you should propably follow me on instagram, facebook and twitter. I don’t post the same stuff on all social networks, just to try to keep things interesting.

[vid id=“kh1BfT52Ceo“ site=“youtube“]


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