Review Part II: Set To Stun, You Me At Six, and more

So as per usual, I’ve been up to some stuff lately. I really should keep up the blog frequenzy and the posts on facebook, twitter and instagram (even though I must admit i rarely use twitter, and basicly no one is following me).

First of all, I helped out US band Set To Stun with their request for a lyric video. It was kind of an urgent video, time was limited to a week and a half, which was really difficult to manage due to the more than 1000 words in the almost 7 minutes song. It’s far away from being perfect, but I think it’s okay. I used only the necessary, a simple background and a 3D-particle-room. The file was a true mess, their bassplayer already set up all the words timings – which of course was a huge time saver – but there wasn’t really much of a system in the After Effects project.

Foto 01.11.13 13 34 54Unfortunately, I can’t show you the outcome right now, because the band seems to have set the video on private.

Another, even more exciting project for me was supporting Tom Welsh from Getdeluxe on filming You Me At Six with 30 Seconds to Mars in the Lanxess Arena here in Cologne.  Tom was the reason I bought a DSLR in the first place, and even though I’ve already met him last year when he was on tour with Architects, it was a great experience to actually work with him side-by-side. I only took a few very poor pictures with my iPhone to document the whole thing, so don’t be disappointed in the quality. And of course I added the You Me At Six tour video in which my footage is in.

Foto 03.11.13 20 50 54Foto 03.11.13 20 49 18 Foto 03.11.13 20 20 11 Foto 04.11.13 10 40 12


This is NOT my video! I only helped shooting the live footage in Cologne!


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