Review Part I: Madame Pathetic France Tour 2013

So it’s been a while, but I decided I still wanted and needed to do this. I went on a 15-day tour with my metalcore band Madame Pathetic through France (and a few shows in Germany). This was our second time touring in our neighbouring country and since the first time we were more than welcomed, expectations were high for this one. I would have loved to make a tourmovie out of this, but being a tourmanager/bandmember/most-time driver AND a concentrated cameraman at the same time is propably impossible. So we decided to take a camcorder with us, so everyone could just film something if he feels like it. Of course I still carried my 7D everywhere, but ‚only‘ for pictures. Further more we decided to tour without anyone beside the bandmembers, what makes some parts of a tour more complicated (eg. driving or taking care of the merchtable), but we don’t regret it at all. It was an amazing adventure and it brought us even closer together, the atmosphere was great for almost every second of it.

That’s the route we posted on facebook. In the end there was one switch, because Bordeaux got cancled. We played a show in Tours instead.

We tried to keep our expectations low to protect us from possible disappointments, but it wasn’t even necessary, the shows (especially in France!) were amazing. In some smaller cities the crowds were small, but the energy and love we got out of the people were incredible! I don’t want to blog about the tour too much, because this should still be camera-related, so here we go: we tried to take as many group pictures as possible, which is by the way another things that’s hard if you don’t have anyone with you how can take care of that. The watchful eye will notice that we used the fisheye (Sigma 11mm 2.8) a lot, because it was the easiest way to get all 4 of us in the frame. A few weeks before tourstart I was hoping for a little bit of spring, but most of the time it was still pretty cold. But on the other hands we were lucky a few times, I’m really thankful for the sun and blue sky when we got to the Eiffel Tower for example.

A little spring feeling in the city of love

One part of me really missed the shooting action, because I just like videos more than photos when it comes to memories. But the other part – the musician part – was just happy to not get distracted. But as I said earlier there were no times when I didn’t have my 7D with me, and even a little tripod for the group pictures (I usually don’t carry a tripod with me when I’m filming while walking around a lot… why would I?).
I put a small selection of pictures together in the galleries, feel free to check them out!


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