PDR UK Tour – Day#1 – London

The first of three episodes of the time when I went to the UK with PDR

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It was a great experience, like I said earlier it was my first tourmovie non-related to my own band, so I was quite excited not to have to manage 10 other things and could just concentrate on shooting my material (and driving most of the time, since we were touring with my van). The bad thing was that I got a really bad cold that hit me real hard on the first day of course. So on the few days we had on the rainy island, I was kind of dying. But I tried my best and shot as much as possible. From the beginning I had some ideas of what images I could use, what I wanted the viewer to see and so on. But still I sometimes had the feeling I didn’t really know how to shoot a scene to get to the right outcome. So when I finally got to the editing I was really happy to see that I got most of what I needed.

I wanted to split the tour in three little episodes instead of putting together a short-film. But that’s just for the viewer, because nowadays it’s hard enough for an underground band to get people to watch their videos. And the longer a video is, the harder it is to convince people to watch it. So when all episodes are done, I will propably put them together after all for my Vimeo-Channel.

PDR Live @Surya in London

Unfortunately, I really can’t put any photos in this post, because of the simple reason that I got none. I did not want to waste time by trying to get a good picture, because I knew I would miss some good shots in right that moment. And to be honest, whenever we had the chance to just sit down for a few moments, I tried to use it, because my cold really took a lot of my energy..

I am really looking forward to editing day #2 and #3, because I didn’t watch the material yet, because it’s getting really hard to decide what scenes to use when you watch them too much. That’s why I’m trying to just watch and decide instantly, and it worked pretty good with day #1. If there are any questions, just hit me up in the comments, on Facebook  or via Twitter!

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