PC upgrade and new folder structure

Like I  mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I wanted to upgrade my PC by the end of the year. However, through an unexpected financial situation, I was able to already purchase almost everything I had on my list.
I really used to be into the technical side of PCs when I was younger – but to be honest, I really lost my interest in it when I started to make music. So today I really don’t know much about what graphic card is the best for me, what main board I need etc. Since I’m not going to lie, Tom Welsh over at Getdeluxe was a HUGE help, because he had just recently upgraded himself and I mostly went with his advise.
So I ordered everything on amazon.de and spend the following saturday building my new tower of power. There were quite some problems on the way, but I won’t go into details since most of them were more or less easy to fix (more or less!!). One of the problems that could not be fixed as easy was the power supply unit, that was from the UK – I really don’t know why they even sold that here, maybe just a mix-up. Well long story short, my PC kept on crashing, so once I could confirm it’s the power supply I send it back and reordered – the same model, by the way. I was still believing in a simple mixup, and I came to be right. In the meantime I used my old unit, which still provided enough energy for the task, but the cables weren’t long enough (see picture of my amazing DIY-powersupport).

Foto 30.10.13 18 56 33Sorry for that crappy iPhone picture, I was probably laughing when I took that photo


So, let’s get to the important part: the setup! Here’s the details to my new working monster:

Case: Antec P280-EU
Mainboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H
Processor: Intel Core i7-3770K
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3 1600 MHz
Power supply unit: Pure Power 630W
Hard drive: Samsung 840 SSD 120GB


Foto 03.08.13 14 39 16Unfortunately the cables were too short for the big tower, so I had to lay some all across the mainboard


After everything was finally set up and working properly, the joy began. The SSD is an absolutely amazing and essential upgrade in my eyes! The windows start-up time and the speed of adobe programs to open is simply amazing.
Aside from the upgrade I took the chance to finally create a practical folder structure (I wanted to do this for so long!). For my final setup, I will need yet another hard drive, but for now I’m well served. All hard drives follow the same structure (exept for the OS drive), which is such a great feature, I don’t even know how I could do it so long without that. The missing hard drive will be another SSD, a small one, just for working off of it. I know that’s not really healthy for SSD drives, but a small one will do just fine and hopefully by the time they won’t be very expensive and will live for 2-4 years under constant working conditions.

Hard drive #1: operating system + adobe creative suite 6
Hard drive #2: Programs + final videos (+currently project sessions)
Hard drive #3: Footage


2013-10-30_011-1The mindmap I drew myself for the new folder structure


Two more things I want for the perfect setup is a second screen (don’t get me wrong, I used my old 19″ screen as a second one for a while, but while working with a IPS panel based screen is great, adding another one without IPS is more annoying than helping. So I decided to work with only one screen until I can afford a second IPS screen.) and a better graphic card. With that in addition, I think I should be able to survive without problems in the working-world for the next few years. The first projects have been finished now and everything is still just as amazing as on the first day. Great investment, I’m absolutly glad that I didn’t have to wait as long as I first thought!


_MG_0993-2My current workplace at home


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