New Website

You’re looking at it right now, if you were here before or not, I really hope you like the new design. It provides an improved readability, some more (and better looking) features than before.
The idea for the change came a few months ago, I started to think about it mostly because of the Fill Me In series to be honest, because I don’t want the series to go down between all my other videos. After all, it’s a series and I want it to be it’s own thing.

Further more the new website makes it easier to get a look into my work without being referred to another platform like youtube or vimeo.
Since I’m really not even a little into programming and that kind of stuff, I’m really happy that my girlfriend is a genius and even more generous. She did the first layout already and she really killed it again this time. And I was really critical this time, because I wanted the structure and functionality exactly like it was in my head.

Feel free to browse through the new design, let me know if something doesn’t work (and I ask for your understanding if you do find something).

My first sketch of the new design and funcionality


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