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Behind the Scenes: Skindeep

A while back my good friend Alex from Knot Films told me he would like to try something different to our usual work (tour diaries, music videos, live music, etc). He came up with the idea to do a portrait about a tattoo artist we both knew, and his new studio. The thought behind it was to get it from a different angle than what you would expect of a tattoo studio, not that fast and loud Miami Ink style. Instead we’d want to try to get the viewer to know the artist on a deeper level than he would propably expect. Weiterlesen

Review Part I: Madame Pathetic France Tour 2013

So it’s been a while, but I decided I still wanted and needed to do this. I went on a 15-day tour with my metalcore band Madame Pathetic through France (and a few shows in Germany). This was our second time touring in our neighbouring country and since the first time we were more than welcomed, expectations were high for this one. I would have loved to make a tourmovie out of this, but being a tourmanager/bandmember/most-time driver AND a concentrated cameraman at the same time is propably impossible. So we decided to take a camcorder with us, so everyone could just film something if he feels like it. Of course I still carried my 7D everywhere, but ‚only‘ for pictures. Further more we decided to tour without anyone beside the bandmembers, what makes some parts of a tour more complicated (eg. driving or taking care of the merchtable), but we don’t regret it at all. It was an amazing adventure and it brought us even closer together, the atmosphere was great for almost every second of it. Weiterlesen

England Tour with ‚PDR‘

I’m pretty excited to announce, that I will be on the road with my good friends in PDR (Indie/Post-Pop) for a few days in England. This will be my first tourmovie non-related to my own band, so I’m already creating a mindmap of stuff I want to shoot over the days with them. They are incredibly nice guys and make amazing music as well. Here is their current single, make sure to take a look! Weiterlesen

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