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PDR & a look into the Black Magic Cameras (2.5 + 4K)

Since I know them, PDR and I have become really good friends and I’m absolutely happy to have met them! So of course it’s always a real pleasure to work with the indie/post-pop band, which is why I was in great anticipation for their new EP, which they invited me to accompany. The plan was to do something special, not the traditional ‚record-then-release‘ way. I actually don’t want to talk too much about the exact thoughts behind everything, because those questions will be answered in the mini-documentary about said EP. Weiterlesen

What’s been going on (January – April)

I don’t know how this happened. I really wanted to get more into writing blogs this year, but somehow I always find myself asking the same question: what’s there to talk about? But then again, I’ve been working on so many projects this year already, that the blog entries should actually be no problem. Most of the time I excuse this phenomenon with my lack of free time. Which is kind of true, but I propably would be able to write a lot more if I really tried to anyways. So here it is, the ‚What’s been going on‘ blog for the last 4 months! Weiterlesen

2014 – First changes, more adventures and new equipment

The new year started exciting! It wasn’t even two days old, and I already left my homeland for an adventure in the Netherlands – shooting two videos with Johnny Mutante. The first one is already online here – it’s a bit trippy, something very ungeneric! The other one is more of a classic performance video – to be released soon. I also started this adventure with a new thing, the idea for „mini-making-of“s, simple way to have some behind the scenes stuff without a lot of effort. I like it and will propably continue creating those videos (although now I wish the iPhone 4 had better video-quality..). Weiterlesen

2013 – A look back

I always liked the concept of a new chapter with a fresh year. Even though of course nothing really changes, I still think that you’re more into reflecting the past few months when the year comes to an end. And since 2013 was without a doubt the most exciting year for me when it comes to the media-business, I was looking forward to go through everything in retrospective. I’ve accomplished so many of the goals I set for myself, met so many great people, got absolutely caught in ambition and tried (and still try) to push my work forward with every new day. Weiterlesen

Magic Lantern & Cinestyle

Or: how to get the best out of your DSLR

It’s been 2½ years since i purchased my 7D, starting at absolute zero knowledge whatsoever. The camera served me extremely well over all times we spent together, but recently I got more and more unsatisfied. The feeling that there was more in it didn’t let go, and after hours spent on various websites and blogs, I decided to get Magic Lantern after all. Even though I knew about it for quite some time, I always hesitated. Looking back now, I regret the delay. But one thing after another. Weiterlesen

Review Part II: Set To Stun, You Me At Six, and more

So as per usual, I’ve been up to some stuff lately. I really should keep up the blog frequenzy and the posts on facebook, twitter and instagram (even though I must admit i rarely use twitter, and basicly no one is following me).

First of all, I helped out US band Set To Stun with their request for a lyric video. It was kind of an urgent video, time was limited to a week and a half, which was really difficult to manage due to the more than 1000 words in the almost 7 minutes song. It’s far away from being perfect, but I think it’s okay. I used only the necessary, a simple background and a 3D-particle-room. The file was a true mess, their bassplayer already set up all the words timings – which of course was a huge time saver – but there wasn’t really much of a system in the After Effects project. Weiterlesen

PC upgrade and new folder structure

Like I  mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I wanted to upgrade my PC by the end of the year. However, through an unexpected financial situation, I was able to already purchase almost everything I had on my list.
I really used to be into the technical side of PCs when I was younger – but to be honest, I really lost my interest in it when I started to make music. So today I really don’t know much about what graphic card is the best for me, what main board I need etc. Since I’m not going to lie, Tom Welsh over at Getdeluxe was a HUGE help, because he had just recently upgraded himself and I mostly went with his advise. Weiterlesen

New Website

You’re looking at it right now, if you were here before or not, I really hope you like the new design. It provides an improved readability, some more (and better looking) features than before.
The idea for the change came a few months ago, I started to think about it mostly because of the Fill Me In series to be honest, because I don’t want the series to go down between all my other videos. After all, it’s a series and I want it to be it’s own thing. Weiterlesen

The start of a new series: Fill Me In

There had been the idea of a series about musicians and their tattoos in my head for a long time, but it was only a while back when I told my best friend about it and he encouraged me to go ahead and really do it. So I got everything started, planned (kind of) and asked some band members I had found if they were interested. The response was pretty good, everyone liked the idea. So within no time, I set three dates in two weeks and drove more than 1000km already. The first two episodes were back-to-back shootings (friday and saturday) and I started the search for footage for the first episode on sunday already – there’s no time to waste nowadays! Weiterlesen

Recycling videos and basic color correction without flat picture settings

The first question I want to answer in this post is: what is a recycling video? Well I’ve come across two projects lately where I had to put together a video from more or less random clips, the first one was the live music video for Madison Affair with their song Sound in my Head. I was on tour with them for only two days, for no particular reason. But they were so amazed with the material that I had shot, that they asked me to put together a music video for their new single. I wasn’t sure if it was possible, because really my material was very limited. Weiterlesen

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