2014 – First changes, more adventures and new equipment

The new year started exciting! It wasn’t even two days old, and I already left my homeland for an adventure in the Netherlands – shooting two videos with Johnny Mutante. The first one is already online here – it’s a bit trippy, something very ungeneric! The other one is more of a classic performance video – to be released soon. I also started this adventure with a new thing, the idea for „mini-making-of“s, simple way to have some behind the scenes stuff without a lot of effort. I like it and will propably continue creating those videos (although now I wish the iPhone 4 had better video-quality..).

Further more I spent some money over the last few weeks to get some more or less essential new things. The card-holder was something I was longing for quite some time and it’s a relief to finally own it. Same goes for the ND-filters; I always had the back-up in using my girlfriends filters, but I always knew I had to get my own sooner or later. The Johnny Mutante shooting was the day I realised the imminent necessity, so I ordered the filters right away. Those are ND1000 by the way, in case you’re wondering. For direct sunlight it’s pretty much perfect if you’re working with maximum aperture, but I’ll get myself some ND100 as well. There’s really something confusing with the ND-numbers at first sight, but all in all it’s easier to understand than it looks.



And I finally got myself a decent tripod + head; this one is second hand, so it has some traces of use, but still works fine. The main reason to get a decent tripod head was my desire for a slider; if you want to slide and move you should get a decent head, otherwise it’s just a pain! Since I only have access to a minimum budget ( – and because I won’t use the slider too much I guess – ), I only got a very basic one, no motor or anything. But it does the trick as I need it to do! Of course I got some WD-40 for better glide-movement with the slider – essential for smooth slides!



There are a lot of adventures waiting for me in the next months – which is great! I can’t wait to get to show you everything and hopefully my videos will reach a lot of (new) people. Here’s to a great new year 2014!


PS: You might have (or not) noticed that there’s a new thing on this website: the 2014 resolutions. I kind of set myself some goals for this year, and want myself and the readers to keep track of what I’m able to fulfill. Over time I’ll hopefully expand the list (and hopefully get some of it checked!).


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